ZEUS Pulse Stimulator – ZPS19

ZEUS Pulse Stimulator is a new generation device designed to produce electro stimulation at the cell level.  The device has two options so as alternating current and direct current. It provides the electroporation and fusion of the cell by producing suitable electrical current.

In the basis, it uses Piezoelectric Technology and  it  is used  in IVF Centers for producing cell-specific constant through direct current and alternating current and it is also activating the fertilization in the cases of Total Fertilization Failure (TFF). In addition, its usage areas are becoming more common and successful in severe male factors. 


 In the recent years, Piezoelectric Stimulation has been used in Round Spermatid Injection (ROSI). Thanks to ZEUS Pulse Stimulator it can also be used in your treatments. The device is user friendly and it can be used easily without the need for installation and technical support. Piezoelectric Applications can be applied in a practical way together Electro Dish, Dish Fastener and Electroliquid Solution that is specially designed for ZEUS Pulse Stimulator.  


Treatment Outcomes of Piezoelectric Stimulation

Piezoelectric Stimulation is an efficient tool for oocyte activation in Total Fertilisation Failure (TFF) patients. 15 years data shows that below the graphics.